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Our applications are for tourists like good friends that they take with them on a journey. Friends will always show you the way to the goal, they will advise you on where to eat delicious dinner in the area, which places you should definitely visit, and even suggest whether you need to take an umbrella with you on a walking trip.

Android and iOS are systems that we all currently have in their phones and tablets. We guarantee that our applications work smoothly on them, effective and above all effective. All thanks to the use of native technologies, from which we can use, like no other.

Mobile applications
Internet portals

Internet portals

Seven seconds. Scientific research shows that we have enough time to make a good first impression. When you are going to a business meeting, you take care of your image, expressing professionalism and inspiring confidence. Exactly the same mechanism works for websites.
A tourist who is already on the spot, and has not planned his trip before, thanks to you will find out which unique surrounding places must necessarily see, in which restaurants serve the best regional specialties, or which bicycle route should choose.
A modern, professional and attractive website is the best business card in today's world. Our extensive experience in this topic ensures that your online presence will certainly be noticed and appreciated. This will result in an increase in the number of tourists who choose to choose your offer from hundreds of others. Together we will determine what exactly do you expect from your website and implement the best concept. We will make the site or portal work quickly and reliably on both computers and mobile devices.



You probably associate all these sci-fi movies in which people talk to their computers and give them instructions. The content management system on CMS websites is also effective and is simple, intuitive and easy to use as you can imagine.

We will give you a tool that will make you add current information necessary for tourists to your website or mobile application at an express speed. The museum or popular ZOO, which is the biggest attraction in your area, has prepared a new family promotion? CMS will allow you to quickly enter the right information, which will go directly to the smartphone or laptop of all travelers. Thanks to you, they will be able to correct their sightseeing plans. In our company, we offer dedicated CMS panels with a maximally simplified interface. Without the slightest problem, you will be able to insert a new offer into your website, add an article or a photo. Simple? Simple!


The most attractive application can be a failure if it does not work in a simple and functional way. Sure you know it yourself: you run an application that seems to be fully professional, but it is impossible to navigate it - it is so chaotically designed. Therefore, we create original, detailed thought-out concepts based on developed and tested standards that make that using our applications is a real pleasure.

At the very beginning, we will carry out a thorough analysis of your needs in terms of suitability for residents and tourists visiting a given region. We will put it in the right context and we will come to you with innovative ideas. Next, we will prepare a model of the project, which will eventually take the form of an excellent final product, which will delight all tourists from the place. Later, they will show their friends not only cute photos of the holiday, but also your application, for free promoting the region for which you want to create an application or website.

UX<br />&Design


Even the simplest toy for children made in the factory must pass the appropriate tests, let alone an extensive mobile application or website. In order to provide our products with the highest quality, we subject them to detailed and advanced tests. You can be sure that before you receive the finished product from us, we will thoroughly check its reliability. We provide usability, performance, load or safety tests.

We will respond with all your questions and concerns, and we will even suggest testing the application in the field. We always use our products when going on a journey.


Ever since we started our activity, we have one idea - to show people that the whole world - including Poland - is full of magnificent and magical places. You only need to be able to find this magic. And that's what smartphones and applications installed on them can be used for, which, using nothing but the enchanted wand, help to discover all the tourist secrets.

Therefore, the created content must tell the exact and transparent history of the place. Descriptions, list of objects, photos, GPS coordinates, audio / video files or translations into foreign languages ​​- you do not have to worry about all this, we will prepare it for you. We know the expectations of tourists using mobile applications and we know in what form they should be delivered to them. We will also introduce all content to the management panel. You can count on us.

Creating<br />content
Acquiring <br /> EU funds

EU funds

Would you like to prepare a tourist application for your city or region, but you do not have adequate financial resources? Let me help you. In our extensive offer, we offer support in the process of obtaining external financing.

Come to us, talk with a delicious coffee, and certainly together we will achieve the goal. You can count on us when it comes to substantive support in the preparation of applications for co-financing.

Maintenance and service

All mobile applications require proper service and maintenance. In this aspect, you can also count on our full commitment and professionalism. Apps can not stay behind the trends, that's why we keep our finger on the pulse and closely follow the development of new technologies, to react and improve products accordingly. We guarantee that our applications and websites will work smoothly continuously and will adapt to Your changing needs.

We provide:

  • full functionality of the software and server infrastructure
  • data safety
  • monitoring the software operation status
  • maintaining applications in the Google Play and App Store markets

Or maybe you already have an application / website where you want to add new features or fix its imperfections? No problem, we will do it for you.

Maintenance and service


Our customers
wrzosowa kraina Wieliczka Węgrów Wadowice Urszulin UJ Sławatycze Sianów Radziemice Qwsi Powiat Wołomiński Poleski Park Narodowy Partnerstwo izerskie Pałecznica Opole Olszanica Nowy Targ Nowy Sącz nowe technologie nowa deba Minsk koleje mila mazowsze Mapa Pasji chochołowski Limanowa Małopolski Szlak winny Arteria Biebrza Bieszczady Jasło Koniusza Korona Krosno
Anna Jarzębska President of the Passion Map Foundation

"(...) The great advantage of cooperation with 3Step Ltd. is the creativity of her team, very good communication, openness to customer needs, flexibility and professionalism. 3Step has put a lot of effort into realizing mobile applications and websites fully Satisfied - prepared excellent, eye-catching graphic designs, implemented advanced technical solutions and showed great flexibility in introducing on our request further improvements in the products offered. Considering the above, I would wholeheartedly recommend 3Step So. z o.o as the best web and mobile application developer known to me.

Bohdan Lisowski President of the Association of Polish Architects

"(...) Application of the MBA 2017 application has provided participants with instant access to current information, ensuring smooth communication between the Organizer and Biennale guests. High number of downloads and positive feedback on the MBA 2017 applications reinforce our conviction that it was an extremely important organizational tool The above is the effect of good cooperation with 3Step Sp. Z o. O. All works were carried out with due diligence. 3Step Sp. Z o. O. Actively participated in the various stages of the project implementation, providing help and valuable hints .. The project was carried out on time and reliably. Ltd. as the creator of mobile applications (...) "

Marta Tymińska Arteria Association

"(...) The work was carried out in a very friendly and professional atmosphere, the 3Step team works very well under time pressure and can be trusted in the issues of creating mobile applications and technology decisions. The team also demonstrated flexibility in testing subsequent solutions, as well as From the perspective of a non-governmental organization, this cooperation was an ideal synergy between the IT market and socio-cultural animation (...) "

mgr Barbara Pachniowska Municipal Cultural Center in Nowy Targ

"(...) We are impressed by the professionalism, ingenuity and skills of the team of employees of 3Step Ltd. The application is a great opening to the world of new technologies and at the same time reaching new recipients .. For residents and tourists arrives is an irreplaceable help: starting with a previous reading with the program, by assigning the most convenient access from your place of residence to the event itself, up to detailed contact with individual exhibitors, stars appearing, the application is undoubtedly a great tool for promoting cities, events and important events (...) "

mgr inż. Andrzej Demczak Deputy Director of the Słowiński National Park

"(...) Execution of the order is exemplary. The cooperation with 3Step Sp. Z o. O. Ran exceptionally efficiently. Any suggestions appearing during the implementation were implemented very quickly, and the creativity of the young, dynamically developing team met our expectations. benefits in the form of acquired knowledge and experience.The application in our opinion stands out from the other functionalities and graphic design.The company 3Step Ltd. in a very short time created a product with very high quality (...) "

Zofia Pająk Wadowice Commune Office

"(...) 3Step realized the order of the Wadowice Commune to conduct an audio guide with a mobile and web application for the Tourist Traffic Services Department. The service was performed in accordance with our expectations, reliably and on time. The employees demonstrated their competence and full commitment. Cooperation allows us to think that 3Step Sp. zo.o. is properly treating its obligations and
is commendable (...) "

Tomasz Antoniuk Head of the Urszulin Commune

(...) The process of creating the application ran very smoothly, keeping the deadlines for the implementation of individual stages. The employees of 3Step Sp. z o.o. they responded to suggestions on a regular basis and demonstrated a creative and flexible approach to the implementation of the entire project. The delivered product meets all our expectations both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. We strongly recommend 3Step Sp. z o.o. as a professional and reliable and timely contractor of mobile applications (...) "

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